Frequently asked Questions – Massage Adamstown

I have never had a massage before. What can I expect?

The first time you come to us for a massage, we will ask you to fill out a brief intakemassage-Adamstown-NSW-massage-Adamstown-NSW form which we will go through with you. We will also perform a brief movement assessment to help determine the best treatment for you.

We will provide a drape over you during the massage – you undress to whatever your level of comfort is. (Please note that it is our policy that underpants be worn at all times during treatment).

It is best not to eat for at least 90 minutes before your massage treatment and only a light meal at that time.

We will ask you if there are areas that you want us to focus on or skip. We allow you to determine how much pressure you want – so be sure to let us know if at any time it is too strong or not strong enough. We will ensure that you are comfortable and warm throughout your treatment by having pillows, heat and a blanket available. Relaxing music is played to help you unwind and focus on the changes occurring in your body.

If we need you to adjust your position we will either move you (for instance, lift your arm) or will tell you what position we need you to move into (for instance, turning from lying on your tummy to your back). Let us know at any time if you need to change your position to make yourself more comfortable during your massage.

Does remedial/deep tissue massage have to hurt?

We will discuss what pressure will be used during your massage and even customise it since each person has a different tolerance to pressure and pain. It is important that you give us feedback during your massage, so that we can adjust the pressure or technique to help you feel more comfortable. Be sure that you select a certified, experienced massage therapist. If you have a medical condition, you may be more comfortable checking with your physician as to his/her opinion regarding you and massage.

Will one massage fix me?

For relaxation and everyday aches & pains, one massage can work wonders. But it’s not uncommon to have a massage and still feel some pain & soreness afterwards and even feel slightly worse. Massage is not a miracle cure. Muscles have a learned behaviour and it does take time to retrain your body to return to its normal state. The effects of massage may take time to appear. You may walk out feeling that you still have the issue but then feel much better two or three days later.

Many of the effects of massage are cumulative, adding up over time. Most people who want to make massage a regular part of their health maintenance will get massages every 1 – 6 weeks. Others just come in when they have the time.

There is never any pressure on you to come more often than you want – we believe that it is your responsibility to determine your own needs, and we would never want you to feel guilty for coming less often than we recommend.

For acute problems, like overwork or muscle spasms, you may want to come weekly or even more often for a series. If you are in pain, you should always feel more relaxed after the massage, although the pain may linger a while.

For chronic problems, general massage may relax you and release the muscular tensions that make it worse. Massage won’t prevent pain from structural or neurological causes like herniated disks or diabetic neuropathy from returning. But when pain causes us to tense muscles, we begin a pain-spasm cycle and this gets worse and worse. Massage can help break that cycle.

What if I’m uncomfortable during my massage?

While we may be the experts on massage, you are the expert on you, and it’s your massage! Often people are embarrassed to speak up if there is something they don’t like about the massage. We always appreciate your requests and feedback. We will never be offended if you make a request to turn up the heat, add a blanket, or adjust the table, pressure or music during your session.

Will you instruct me in any stretching exercise that might be helpful for my condition?

At some point, we may feel you will benefit by doing certain stretching or strengthening exercises at your home or office. In this case, we may recommend a specific exercise for your condition. This can include shoulder exercises and back exercises. This is included in your treatment time.

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