Stress Relief/Relaxation massage

relaxation-massage-Adamstown-NSW-stress-relief-massage-therapist-Adamstown-NSW-massage-Newcastle.Stress relief and relaxation massage is available at our Adamstown massage clinic.

Here at A Little Bit Tender Massage Therapies we customise every massage to meet your individual needs and incorporate a variety of techniques designed to help you achieve feelings of relaxation and lowered stress in your body. These feelings naturally improve your mood and increase your overall mental and physical performance.

Research has shown that massage relaxes your muscles and increases the production of endorphins as well as increasing the release of Dopamine and Serotonin in your body. These all contribute to an increased feeling of relaxation and calm which reduces stress in your body. Studies have shown that just one massage session can lower your cortisol levels, heart rate and even blood pressure.

Relaxation massage is an excellent way to reduce stress and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It can be used to reduce the stress associated with our modern lifestyles, with the ever present pressure on our time and resources, work and financial pressures, relationship and family commitments and personal conflicts.

Stress reduction improves your energy levels and your outlook on life so that you are able to cope better with the everyday pressures of your life.

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